Build Your Body of Work with Press Releases

Getting published in local, regional and international publications will boost your credibility and enhance your visibility.

Whether you are just launching your career or you have been in business for a while, building your body of work is a necessity. Your work being discoverable in your local paper, regional and international publications and other credible media outlets can bring reputational and economic value.

With the growing demand for content of all types, sharing quality stories about the problems you solve for your customers and the value you offer to the world, is a way to build your body of work while feeding the world's insatiable hunger for more.

Before a customer clicks that Buy button, they want to know who you are and what you stand for.

Need to reposition your business or brand in the marketplace? Storytelling with press releases and other content can accelerate the shift.

No Fluff. Bring Substance.

Your press release should not glorify yourself but show how your work is the solution for a problem that a particular segment of the population is dealing with.

Do you have data to prove this?

Do you have stories to show as proof that your solution is changing lives?

Trending Topics

Your release can build on current events or an industry report in your field of knowledge. How does the current situation impact every day life? What should we be paying attention to? What does the report mean in simple terms?

This is your chance to position yourself as the expert with knowledge that the reader or listener needs. Even if you do not consider yourself and expert because you are new kid on the block, you have a point of view. Share it.

Get Ready to Walk Through New Doors

A good press release will have more impact beyond simply being published. It can lead to deeper conversations with journalists who cover your industry. It can be the start of other opportunities to speak, teach, and work.

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