Enhance Your Press Releases with these Multimedia Products

Increase the opportunity for your story to be published by including these multimedia products in your next press release.

Media houses are inundated with press releases and other promotional material on a daily basis. In a recent State of the Media 2023 poll from Cision, 27% of respondents said that providing multimedia in pitches and press releases is one of the top ways to “make their lives easier”. 77% want quality images included with the releases. 19% welcome audio clips.

Here are three things to include to improve the odds of getting a call back and your story published.


Do you have relevant data to support the information you are sharing? The results of a poll conducted by a professional organization or an industry report with new findings will strengthen your position. Present it as a graphic as well as in text.

Share what is important about the data and how it will impact the reader whether the information is used or ignored.


Your release could land in the inbox of a media house which has a partner station or who leverages social media to promote their publication. A well-edited video with a solid sound bite could be worth more than a few inches or seconds.

Quality Images

Don't skimp on the photos. Include a professional photo of yourself, a company logo or an event photo which represents the story.

Pro Tip - Do not embed the images inside your document but rather add a link to a drive where they can be downloaded. Be sure to label each photo detailing what is happening and also credit the photographer.

Adding valuable content that brings your story alive will encourage journalists to pay attention and also increases the opportunity for your story to receive more prominence.